Jaime Carrillo: Writer/Okay Dude

Hey there, friendo.


My name is Jaime Carrillo, and I’m 4’8 of pure, uncut Mexican-American muscle. I can’t grow a human-looking mustache, otherwise I’d be making the big bucks as a Rudolph Valentino lookalike croupier at some casino in Monaco. Instead, to keep a “roof” over my “head” I do what countless other smarmy ghouls do: I write.

I’m pretty good at it, or so I’ve been told, and not just by mi mama. I’ve written for and about big brands like Indochino, H&R Block, and Blue Apron. You know, those meal kits that keep podcasts afloat. I specialize in everything related to food, cooking, and gaming/nerd culture, but I’m not shy about tackling new subjects and frontiers.

I’m based in Sacramento, California but work best remotely, mostly because I get to work in my Super Mario jammies. Reach out to hire me, or I don’t know, recommend a movie, so long as it isn’t Amelie. I don’t care for the movie Amelie.

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Character references available upon request.